So I wrote a Bible study, y'all.

It's a funny thing to write something not knowing if anyone will even read it. It's different than a blog or a website or an Instagram post that way.  Many days I've honestly wondered who in the world would even want to read any of this or if it's worth anything. But here's what I do know: I am incredibly passionate about the women of my generation becoming Biblically literate. Not just reading the Bible, but loving the Word of God and knowing it well. To see women equipped and enabled to stand up full of courage and conviction in the midst of a culture that tries to tell us anything goes and we are intolerant if we disagree.

With that in mind, this is a study on the book of Jonah. Most know the story. But over the course of 5 weeks we will really dig into what it means to encounter the mercy of a God who comes after us again and again and again. A God who rescues, redeems and restores us; and then calls us to extend the same kind of compassion to those who hurt and offend us. "Relentless Mercy" can absolutely be done on your own or with a small group. And because I can't handle too much serious, it's filled with stories, humor and a Napoleon Dynamite quote or two. I write the way I talk and I hope that's ok. 

Grab a group of girlfriends and order yours from Amazon here: Relentless Mercy.

Here's what women are saying about Relentless Mercy...

After completing the Bible Study “Relentless Mercy: The Life of Jonah” I was so impressed that I wanted to share it with all my other Bible Study friends. This is the recommendation I submitted to our church:

Over my adult lifetime I have done dozens and dozens of Bible studies by various authors. This one ranks high in my opinion. As old as I am, and as many times as I have read the Bible through, Elita has been able to make me think outside the box, and has brought my attention to people, places and things that I never even noticed or considered before. It is humorous, relevant, and well-researched. I’d like to recommend it for consideration to be offered to our women’s Bible Study group in the near future.
— -Sandy B. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
I love to spend time in the Bible, and I enjoy having some directional structure through a book study from time to time. But I often find book Bible studies to be tedious and redundant, and honestly I just don’t have time to spend that much effort outside of the actual Bible in order to do a study. This particular study was absolutely captivating. The way it was written drew me in, and every single paragraph pointed to Scripture. I felt like I could take several days to work through one day of the study if I needed, because there was a freedom in how Elita invites the user to approach the study and the Bible for that matter. Every single page led me to new insights about who God is, how he works, and who I am. I would recommend this study for someone who has never even read the Bible, and it’s just as amazing for someone who does Bible studies all the time! Elita is a gifted writer, and I can’t wait to see what else she writes in the future.
— Bethany W. (Oveido, Florida)
This is one of the best studies I have ever done. Clear, concise, challenging, and eye opening. Before doing this study I had always kind of skimmed over the book of Jonah when reading the Bible. This study does a fabulous job of diving in depth to the book of Jonah and asks thought provoking questions. A great study to do with a group.
— Katherine H. (Mobile, Alabama)
A wonderfully thoughtful and thought-provoking study. Elita provides great insight into the life of Jonah while also encouraging studiers to seek Truth from the scriptures themselves. Easily manageable, each day is filled with enough content for a significant devotion time without being overwhelming or requiring hours of quiet time. I have found this study of an Old Testament prophet to be incredibly relevant to life today and have grown closer to the Lord as a result.
— Kalyn P. (Atlanta, Georgia)
One thing Elita encourages us to do throughout the study is OBEY. It is said in many different ways, but it is the essence of the message throughout this study: ‘What are you going to do about what you have learned?’ Inspired by the simplicity and clarity of the lessons of Jonah, one is compelled to live obedient to God’s Word! The value of a study can’t fulfill a higher purpose than this.
— Jennifer S. (Langley, BC Canada)
This Bible study is great to help guide you through your personal studies and also serves as a great guide for a group of friends in a small group setting. It challenges you to read and learn the Bible (not just the book of Jonah) and the interactions and spaces to write your reflections/thoughts provide opportunity for you to go to a deeper level. Elita is very relatable and makes you feel like you’re talking to one of your friends. Studying the Bible is not hard and this guide helps us to see that! I love that the journey it takes you on teaches us about God’s relentless pursuit of us no matter what, which in turn helps us to offer grace, mercy and love to others.
— Kyndl B. (Dallas, Texas)
This Bible study on Jonah was one of the best I’ve ever read. It brought new perspective to the book, and enlightened my heart and mind. Every chapter is well written, and laid out so well. It was easy to understand, easy to relate to and learn from. I hope this author continues to write more studies like this because I would definitely enjoy another one!
— Bekah B. (Hayden, Alabama)
I love the way this Bible study is written. So easy to jump in and discover something new if you are very familiar with the story of Jonah but also easy to discover the story of Jonah for the first time. Run don’t walk to buy this.
— Jessica H. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
This study was a great change of pace for my personal devotional time. It increased my hunger and desire to study the word more deeply and to hear God’s heart. I loved focusing on the deeper truths behind Jonah’s story that we often overlook. I also really enjoyed the author’s relatable tone throughout. Would highly recommend as a solo devotional or group study. (I participated in the study with a group)
— Katie W. (Orlando, Florida)
Relentless Mercy is a fantastic study on the book of Jonah. Elita is an honest writer who is vulnerable in the stories she shares. Going through this study each morning felt like you were sitting having your morning coffee with a dear friend, one who is way smarter than you and put the time and effort into studying a book that so many of us tend to remember as a cute story from when we were kids. She brings great insight and revelation to the book of Jonah. Very thankful for this Bible study!
— Laura B. (Langley, BC Canada)
This was a wonderful, thought provoking Bible study that truly gets you to not just read and look at the Word but also apply it to your life. It encourages you to dwell on what the Father has already done for you, all while looking towards what He can still do in you and through you.
— Amy W. (Mobile, Alabama)
Deep truths mixed with honest stories makes this Bible study one I want to do over again!
— Karen S. (Colorado Springs, Colorado)